The Car Seat Full Stop Campaign

carseatfullstop-click-to-support-2500x2500  I’m a mom to a beautiful 2 year old girl and currently expecting baby number 2. I remember from the time we fell pregnant with my little girl, my top priority has always been a car seat. My husband and I both work and we both travel in opposite directions and one would drop the little one off and one would fetch so we had to make sure we purchased two car seats, which we did.

We still do have both car seats and one now stays with my father in law and one with me since I do all the dropping and fetching.From day one I made it clear to everyone on how important it is for my little one to be buckled in her car seat. At first there was a bit of a struggle to enforce it but I stood my ground and I got it right.

I know a couple of moms who just put their kids in a car seat but they don’t buckle them up. I don’t understand the reasoning behind that. I would think its more dangerous. One mom still does it continuously and I know i have told her countless times and lots of other people, and her excuse is that it takes time to buckle them and i’m just going around the corner. That for me is a no no. Anything can happen in a split second.

When I heard of this campaign I was really excited knowing now there is so much more awareness on the importance of it and hopefully the moms who don’t strap their kids in or that don’t have car seats will change and start to see the importance also.

I fully support the campaign #CarseatFullstop ! carseatfullstop-click-to-support-2500x2500